A Breeding Project Success Story


A Breeding Project Success Story

Mrs. Assamaou is a former beneficiary of the breeding project. She shares her story:

“I live in the Ceton Rai village in Northern Maradi. A few years ago I was given two goats to start breeding, which turned out to be very beneficial to my family. Since I received them, they have been regularly giving birth without me suffering any losses.

My husband is an evangelist in the village. His support is meager and often scarce, so we sell certain goats in order to cover our family’s daily needs and continue the work of God without difficulty.

In the beginning of this year I had eleven goats. I sold five of them to buy two sheep and bags of millet. Currently I have six goats and two sheep to keep the project going.

My family has really benefitted from this project, and I thank the Lord for that. I also pray that He will pay you back a thousand fold your stretched hand to us.”

Last July, your special donation allowed Ba-Iyaka to help more poor families. In two villages of the Maradi district, 70 goats have been distributed to 39 women.

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