A better mother

mother and son

This is a sharing of a mother by text message. “After two classes, I have learned a lot! I have changed the way I communicate with my son, and he responds very well. Today, I took him hiking to help him learn how to relate to other children. I also took another child with us. It is a girl who has very low self-esteem. Before the trip, I taught my son how to take care of her, to increase her self-esteem. My son did a good job that day! Both children had a good time!”

As a mother in the United States, you may feel this kind of interaction with children is very natural and common to see. This is extremely hard for a Chinese parent. A normal Chinese parent communicates to children with firm authority. Once the children begin going to school, parents don’t spend much quality time with them. Their main focus is study, study, study! This brings misery to many children’s childhoods. This is the cultural norm.

The local migrant worker ministry sees the need of children and migrant worker parents. The ministry workers listen to the troubled parents and provide them training on parenting. By doing this, they have helped many parents understand their children and better communicate. Principles from the Word of God work very well in these families. More and more parents; like the above mother are grateful for our love and help. We see families are being changed by the Word. Moreover, the training has had an effect on building better relationship between husband and wife.

Pray that:

  • This ministry helps more migrant worker parents know how to love the children. May they see their children through the eyes of the Lord.
  • The relationship between the ministry workers and migrant worker parents grow deeper and deeper so that the Good News can be brought out naturally and effectively.


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