A Balm in Weakness

In Niger, the pandemic has affected large numbers of people, especially the elderly, widows, orphans, and pastors. It is in this context that Ba-Iyaka is committed to help alleviate the sufferings of some of the most vulnerable people by distributing basic goods such as cereals and soap. Here are testimonies from 3 beneficiaries:

NEEW July August 2020 Update 1

Reverend Amir* said, “I am much happy to have benefited from this very important donation for my family. When I was called, I never thought I would get anything like this. But here’s a miracle in my eyes, for me it’s truly a miracle. May those who selected me be blessed. I even wonder how they came to think of me. The answer is the Lord who put it in their hearts. May God bless Ba-Iyaka. “

Pastor Hassan* said, “The Lord is at work. I assure you that yesterday my family went through the night without eating because we had nothing. This morning I still had no idea what to do to feed my family. I arrived late to the roll call because I was busy trying to find a solution before any other activity. I want to say a big thank you to Ba-Iyaka for this grace. “

NEEW July August 2020 Update 3

Amina* is a widow. Since the death of her husband, she has been suffering lots of marginalization from her in-laws. This gift from them was a real balm to her in her weakness. She said: “The north has always been forgotten by caritative organizations. There are only a few that come around, but Ba-Iyaka has always been at our side, not only with trainings but now with a donation of goods that will allow us to deal with this situation which was imposed to us by nature. May the Lord continue to support you in your various activities.”

Thanks to your partnership, Ba-Iyaka is able to multiply the demonstration of God’s love in a powerful and timely way like this.

*Names changed for security.

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