75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1977

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Indonesian Villages Welcome Evangelists

Scattered along the Kapaus River in West. Kalimantan are many small villages populated by Chinese people. For years we have wanted to reach these people for Christ. Some of these villages have been visited by foreign missionaries but even then the task of winning these people to the Lord is difficult. Often they fail to realize the differences among Dyaks, Indonesians, and Chinese, and do not know how to talk to them because of the language barrier. Thankfully, the Lord enabled a fellow worker, and me to make an evangelistic tour along the Kapa us River, the main river of West Kalimantan, using a borrowed boat.

1977We did not know anyone but went to do personal evangelism and to pass out tracts. As we were doing this a 13-year-old child invited us home and asked us to have a meeting there. He had all his friends come to his house to hear the Gospel. At the end of the meeting, 21 of these young people indicated their desire to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Praise the Lord. Later on, a Dyak invited us to his home for a meeting. In this village not only the Chinese wanted us to tell them the Gospel but also the Dyaks, and many of these also came to know the Lord as Saviour. On another occasion, we went to Sekadau for some evangelistic meetings.

After traveling eight hours by car from Pontianak we arrived at our Antioch Chapel in Sanggau. Accompa­nied by a number of young people, we rode our borrowed boat for 8 hours upstream to Sekadau, a journey of about 24 miles. By car, it would take only 2 hours, but since no one had a vehicle, we took the boat. Upon arriving at the village of Sekadau we had to register at the police station, as this is a required procedure by the government for everyone who does not live in that village.

Then the young people began witnessing and passing out tracts. In Sekadau there are many Chinese families. That night we invited the people to the Gospel boat for a meeting and over 100 people responded to the Lord. Because there was such a hunger for the Word of God, we have assigned a co-worker there. Not far from Sanggau is the village Sei Ayak.

We found the Chinese in this village very responsive to the Gospel. We are trusting the Lord for the members of Antioch Chapel, Sanggau, to look after this group. As we returned home we stayed overnight in a village called Kenukul, and there we had an evangelistic meeting in the Gospel boat. The government welcomed us and gave us permis­sion to hold an evangelistic meeting. That evening the Chinese and Dyaks came to hear the Gospel, and many of the Chinese came to know the Lord that evening.

The next day we stopped at Bejaman and Biang where over 100 Chinese families are living. Again we passed out tracts and invited the people to a special meeting. There was such a big response that the boat was almost ready to sink. The people were so happy when we came because previously there was no one to tell them about the Lord. This touched our hearts.

When we returned to Sanggau we praised God for the opportunity He had given us to witness for Him and prayed to God for the many villages waiting for someone to go to tell them about the Lord Jesus. The response to the Gospel was great. The only way to get to these villages located along the Kapa us River, the main river of West Kalimantan, is by boat. The Lord has laid a burden upon our hearts to reach these people for the Lord for they have given us the Macedonian call. We need your prayers and your help as we look to God to answer this call.

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