75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1976


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“Where are they now?” That question draws a lot of interest because we all wonder where past acquaintances and public figures have ended up. Many magazines feature a special section dealing with the latter-day activities of almost forgotten personalities. What a shock to learn a once-famous actor now drives a taxi.

The ‘where are they?’ question is often asked by participants in CNEC’s Sponsor-A­Child scholarship fund. These sponsors contribute $6.00 a month to the fund and are assigned individual children whose education their gifts make possible. Each sponsor receives a photo and background information for each sponsored student. Many correspond with these youngsters and some even travel to school locations for personal visits.

But the time always comes when students must leave school. Most graduate; some leave for family or personal reasons. Naturally, their sponsors, who have helped them over a period of years, wonder what becomes of them. To what place and attitude has a God-centered education led them?

With thousands of students involved, it is usually difficult to trace them in their post-school lives. Still, some news is received, and it is a joy to discover that many have been truly converted to Christ and are striving to serve Him. This is the goal of all CNEC-assisted schools.

Mrs. Esther Fan, SAC Secretary in Hong Kong, visited several former SAC students and recorded their testimonies. We hope this sampling will encourage those who wonder about their past beneficiaries and will prompt others to join SAC.



Lau Lai May, Age 17

I live with my family in the low-cost resettle­ment area. I left Melrose Christian School for nearly five years, but the happy school life stayed in my mind. When I first stepped into a new surrounding in high school, I have recognized many new friends, everything seemed to be curious to me. Later, I began to feel bored because all kinds of amusements vanished in a short time. I was uncertain and empty. At this moment, God was still with me. My mother ·school, Melrose Christian School, organized a new Fellowship Meeting for young people. I was invited and have the chance to go back to the upbringing place to God. I discuss and learn the Word of God with many Christian brothers and sisters, and we think about the problems of each other. Through the grace and mercy of God, our fellowship is going well, and I have the chance to serve Him in a church choir and Sunday School.

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