75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1975

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Student Escapes Cambodia

Chau Sy Trinh

I thank God for choosing me to be His disciple. Glory to God in the highest. After my conversion, my spiritual life grew, and I tried to seek and know God more fully. Though I lived in Phnom Penh, in war-torn Cambodia, the almighty God looked after me every second. One month after my conversion, the Lord called me to be His full-time minister. Every time I read His Word, His calling for my life became clearer.

At the end of 1972, I began to pray for God’s guidance in this matter. I was weak. I felt doubtful of God’s will. When I saw the difficult life of preachers, I was afraid. Many times, I thought of running away from God’s calling. At last, I could only humble myself and obey God.

Last October, a sister came and asked me, “Are you dedicating yourself for full-time ministry? If you are willing, I can introduce you to Singapore Bible College.” I was surprised and thought to myself, “How does she know about this matter? is this God’s will?”

After that, I continued to pray for God’s guidance, He showed me clearly His will. I sent in my application, and something wonderful happened. I received the reply of Singapore Bible College and I was asked to go to Singa¬≠pore as quickly as possible. It is really wonderful. The College didn’t know me before, but with the first correspondence, I was accepted. I obtained my visa within a surprisingly short period, and my transport was provided. All these showed that God was leading me. At first, I decided to depart on January 8, 1975, but God changed my plans and my departure was brought forward to January 3; I flew to Bangkok, then to Singapore. From the Singapore newspapers, I learned that just the next day after my departure, Phnom Penh Airport was placed under curfew due to the attack by the Communists.

From this experience, I have learned to know God better. If my departure had been delayed for one day, I would not be here now. God is very perfect in His timing. This is a miracle. Though I do not know about tomorrow, I firmly trust in God. Anything that happens is of His good will.


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