75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1969

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Youth Want to Know


It is Saturday afternoon. Singapore’s colorful streets are filled with young people seeking thrills. A crowd is noticeable on Rindu Lane. As scores of young people gather around. Is it a demonstration in the making, or a riot? Soon they move inside the building of the Bartley Christian Church. They are overheard discussing with intense interest, matters concerning the trends and challenges of their fellow Singaporean youth. It soon becomes evident that here are nearly a hundred young people at a Saturday afternoon prayer meeting. They pray, not in stilted cliches, but in the very personal, direct, and honest words of earnest Christian¬†youth. On Sunday, they can be found conducting numerous Bible Classes and services in the huge, high-rise living estates. They carry their concern forth in practical penetration for Christ, and scores are responding.

1969 photoReports from throughout the ministry of CNEC reveal that millions of the worlds youth are receptive to the Bible and are interested in learning of Christ. The Youth Center is Hong Kong team with young lives and activity. In Guatemala, a camping program last year was crowded with hundreds of Latin Youth. West African youth in Liberia clamor, and even plead, for opportunities to attend Bible Classes and readily offer themselves by the hundreds for all types of jobs or services to the Churches.

Their response, enthusiasm, and spirit offer great challenges. How long will they remain open and interested? Now is the time to invest in the leaders of the future. Camp funds, scholarships, equipment costs, and youth workers are needs of urgency.

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