75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1961


New Call from Macedonia


The problem of heroin addicts is the most difficult one in the society of Hong Kong. Heroin makes the land really bad. It breaks thousands of homes, produces thieves and causes criminals, The HK government has been tremendously troubled and is spending a lot of money in trying to cure the addicts. Recognizing the effect will be in vain without changing the inner lives of the addicts, the Officer in charge of the Tai Lam Prison called us to preach the Gospel to the heroin prisoners. There are some eight hundred addicts in the prison.

With a thankful and prayerful heart we accepted the call and go once a week to preach salvation of the risen Lord to the perishing prisoners. The team is composed of students from the Hong Kong Bible Institute. We find some prisoners eager to find salvation. About 100 addicts, kept in order and quietness, sit on the grass on a football ground and concentrate carefully on what we preach. They all raised their hands as we asked for those who would accept Christ as their Savior. They sincerely asked for our next coming before saying goodbye to us. It has been a thrill to all of us.

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