75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1952


Hsieh – Hsieh


This is a good opportunity to thank each one for your part in helping to reach the lost souls in Hong Kong and South East Asia. It is no light thing with us to have had your wholehearted support all these months and years past! Many of you have given the double support of prayer and of ‘silver and gold’, the latter is among the “corruptible things” but the Lord has need of them in the gathering of souls which are incorruptible when redeemed by His precious blood. giving the necessary means for Gospel work is ‘faith in action’ and will most surely receive His reward.

The color of one’s skin does not matter in God’s sight. “Red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in His sight.’ What does matter is the color of one’s heart. What a thrill to enter one of the conservative English speaking church groups here in Singapore, to find it crowded, mostly with Chinese but also with Indians, Malays, Eurasians and Europeans, (including service men) fervently worshiping together. This is a big church, (not representing any individual effort in Kingdom work) yet they have to add chairs down the aisle and often many have to sit outside.

We need to realize the heart of a white man can be as black as the skin of the man next door, yet, the heart of a black man can be whiter than the skin of his neighbor, a ‘white’, but only in Christ can this be so. Praise God that here we see people of different color but with hearts that are “whiter than snow.” Choir members, church officers and guest preachers are of different nationalities. Groups of this kind are all too few.

During a testimony period, one in the Indian Navy said that he did not feel that he was among strangers, because he has blood relationship with all who love the Lord! Sitting on one side of him was a Chinese and on his other side was an English soldier. In the same group was an Indian lawyer who is suffering persecution because he dares to follow Christ. He is so earnest that he hopes to give up business in order to have more time to give to the Lord, witnessing to lost Indian souls. Yet he is seen after the gathering sp

eaking to souls about their need of salvation, pleading with English and Fijian soldiers to accept Christ. I have seen this same Indian evangelist single out Indians standing around in a leper camp and earnestly tell them of the wonderful salvation Jesus offers them. How wonderful to rejoice and work together to further His kingdom, adding daily to ‘the family of all nations in Christ’.

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