75 Years of Lives Changed – 2016

2016This village, like most villages in northern Ghana, has a strong Islamic presence. In pursuit of gaining access into the community, Peter, a Christian Outreach Fellowship church planter, first paid a courtesy call on the chief of the village as a way of building a friendship. Not long after, another Christian brother visited and, seeing that the village was unchurched, he approached Peter and asked him to consider this village in his preaching plans. This came as a confirmation to Peter who had already made initial contact with the chief.

A few weeks later, Peter prepared and went there to hold an Open-Air preaching program. Peter preached a simple message on Christ. Among those who attended that day was the village Imam (Muslim leader). Hearing Peter talks about his Savior, who did things that no man could do, and he decided to put Peter’s claim to the test. He brought two of his children who were epileptic to the Program. Desmond, 27, and Andrew, 22, had epilepsy for a long time and no amount of charms or juju could heal them. Their condition incapacitated them.

As God would have it, Desmond and Andrew were healed instantly when Peter and his team prayed for them. According to Peter, when Desmond was being prayed for, he had a brief seizure, and that ended his predicament. In the case of Andrew, his body quaked one final time as he was prayed for.

The Imam decided to let his whole family become Christians. His wives and children have stopped worshiping at the mosque and are now members of the 17-member church that Peter and his team planted. As an Islamic leader, the Imam has yet to leave Islam and take a significant step for Jesus Christ. He has confided in Peter that he is weighing the options and will finally make a decision with no turning back.

Desmond and Andrew are now living normal lives. They can go to the farm and do things for themselves with no more seizures. Their healing is a testimony of how the power of Christ draws people to faith in Him, especially among people who profess the Islamic faith and yet also believe in charms and manipulation of spiritual powers.

In communities where the people are steeped in animism and Islamic Worship, it takes the demonstration of God’s power to break through people’s strong belief in the potency of their idols and their power to save. Peter started by building a relationship, followed by an open¬≠-air outreach program. The manifestation of God’s power brought the family of the Imam and others to faith in Christ Jesus. To God, be the glory.


*Names changed for security.

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