75 Years of Lives Changed – 2014




She sought us out immediately. The speaker at the women’s conference we were attending in Central Asia could barely get the closing “Amen” off of her Lips before a young woman rushed toward us in tears.

The conference topic was “Healing from Trauma.” an apt subject in a region where women are considered second­class citizens. Partners International came alongside our ministry partner, Alatoo Community Development, to help fund. Coordinate, and facilitate the seminar for about 50 women. Our small team of American women had traveled with the ladies to attend and help teach at the conference.

Though we were strangers gathering around this woman in prayer and support, in her brokenness before the Lord, she set aside her pride. She exposed a dark corner of her life and confessed to us atrocities of physical abuse done both to her and by her. In that moment, it was her own actions that troubled her most. She begged for prayer and wailed in remorse. For likely the first time in her life, she was seeking change. Real change. The kind that is only possible by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

A team member continued to pray with her: when I met her during the morning session the next day, the change in her countenance was unmistakable. Peace had replaced anxiety. Despondency exchanged for hope. Though all of this woman’s struggles weren’t resolved overnight, she experienced and was clinging to “the hope of Glory-Christ in us!”



Faustine shares with women in Chad the storytelling method of sharing the Gospel. She and her husband, Rene, our West Africa Area Director, visit partner ministries to encourage the Leaders and often teach Bible storytelling. She tells Bible stories like David and Goliath which the women, in turn, tell to one another. Often acting it out. The women, most of whom cannot read, are so happy to be able to share the Bible in a culturally relevant way with their neighbors.



My name is Amber Maria, and I Live in a village. My father works as a day laborer, my mother is a housewife, and I have two brothers. Since we were poor, I could not attend school past the 8th grade. I stayed at home as I didn’t have any kind of skill.

Last year I joined  a sewing center in our village and completed the one-year course. I learned not only ordinary stitching of domestic clothes, but also embroidery and stitching of marketable products Like handbags, wallets, and bridal dresses. Out of my earnings of about $70 a month, I am able to help my father with our daily expenses. My family is very happy. I am very thankful to the ministry for investing in me so that I can hold a productive role in the development of my family.

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    Please give an appropriate share of this gift to Faustine in the loss of her husband Rene , and still with young children at home (I believe from picture I saw?)


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