75 Years of Lives Changed – 2008

Redeemed from Cairo’s Slums

Mary arrived at our doorstep seven years ago. She lived in a small apart­ment where her father kept his sheep and goats. It was so filthy that Mary’s father suffered from severe asthma and was barely able to work. Mary arrived with no socks and a severe infestation of lice. She was given a bath, clothes, and a hot meal. She returned home every night, so it took several months to rid her of the lice. Mary learned how to read and was able to complete the sixth grade. She was excited to continue her education, but her father, not wanting to lose his house help, would not allow her to do so.

Despite this setback, Mary continued to progress and after three years under our care, she accepted Jesus as her Savior. Mary is now on staff at our center and was recently engaged to a young man also rescued from Cairo’s slums. Mary’s story was shared by Dr. S, director of the center, one of our New Initiative partners.

Dr. S, an Egyptian doctor, had been comfortably running his own gynecology clinic until one day he noticed some children hanging around the garage where he was getting his car repaired. He asked why they weren’t in school and learned that they were street kids who had either lost a parent or were too poor to attend school. Dr. S felt God calling him to reach out to these children in need. He closed his medical practice and found a government job where a six­hour work day allowed him to minister the rest of the day.

Eventually, he was able to purchase a small building in a north­ern Cairo slum. Locals had been throw­ing garbage near this building for years, causing a severe health risk. Dr. S and a team of volunteers cleaned up the area and turned it into a green oasis in the middle of the slum. Partners International met Dr. S in 2007 and is helping his ministry expand its outreach so more street kids can receive medical treatment, education, and learn about the love of God.

Dr. S says, “Children are the wealth of this country and by whom the country fulfills its ambitions and dreams. Our vision is to show them there is hope in a troubled world.”

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