75 Years of Lives Changed – 2007

Oases of Hope in a World of Despair

Jesus shattered the norms of religion in His day. He revealed His heart when He chose the woman at the well (John 4:1-42) to be a voice for the good news, thus establishing a new paradigm of ministry and missions. Through her story of transformation, this Samaritan woman became an oasis of hope to her community and culture.

Today, women are still vitally involved in telling and living Christ’s story of hope. Their role is impacting the lives of countless people throughout the least Christian regions as they influence their culture, communities, and families with the power of a changed life. Such is the story of “Agii,” a leader with our partner ministry in Sudan.

Agii came to Juba in 1988 as a newlywed. It was a difficult time for the Sudanese as civil war raged, making food, water, and shelter impossible to find. In desperation, Agii began brewing beer to survive-an immoral and improper practice for women in Sudan. Then, in 1991, she committed her life to God, trusting Him to provide all their needs as a family with three children. Every night they would have a family Bible study and cry out to the Lord for His help.

Agii started a small baking business to generate income. The family contin­ued to pray and eventually her husband was able to find a job. God answered their prayers. Today, Agii and her family serve the Lord through our partner ministry, Africa Inland Church-Sudan. She, too, has become an oasis of hope to her community and culture.

We at Partners International see ministry to and through national Christian women as an integral part of our emerging new vision. Partners International Women has set specific goals to empower women leaders, enable their ministries through networks of prayer, and engage women here in America as part of our ministry team.

Soon, we will gather with Agii and other top Sudanese women leaders in the first of five Women’s Consultations in Africa and Asia. We will also identify and appoint three Area Women’s Coordinators to strengthen and develop high-impact women’s ministries in the least Christian regions of the world. Together with our brothers in Christ, we will serve from Morocco to Malaysia, from Beijing to Bangalore, ful­filling our passion to bring real hope and real change through real partnership.

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