75 Years of Lives Changed – 2004

Dazed and Desperate in Taiwan

She looked like any other drug addict as she walked onto our compound, thin, dazed, and desperate. She had just taken amphetamines, as if she knew it would be her last chance. One would never have guessed that this beggarly looking 26-year-old came from a wealthy Buddhist family.

As the days passed, we learned Grace’s story. Her 10-year-long addiction had marred her family’s reputation and broken their hearts. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Yang, did all they could to get her help, and save their name.

They sent her to a remote place in Central America to get her away from her drug friends, but she found drug friends there. Back home, they put her in drug rehab centers, but she always ran away. Finally, in des­peration, they locked her in her room with her feet in chains. She managed to pick the chain lock and ran off again. Grace stole from her parents and was deep in debt to pay for her drugs. She had also married, birthed a daughter,and divorced. Her life was a mess and her parents were ashamed and helpless.

2004, 75 years

Finally, her dad, a staunch Buddhist, told her, “If you don’t get off drugs, you are better off dead. I’ll drive you to the river.” The turning point for Grace was the day when she returned to her parents’ home and found the door locked. She rang the doorbell, but no one would open the door. Desperate to see her baby, she begged her parents for one more chance to change. The door remained closed. Grace knew it was now up to her.

She had heard about Operation Dawn’s rehabilitation program. During Grace’s withdrawal period, female former addicts stayed with her constantly, praying for her and reading passages from the Bible. Through it all, Grace was touched by their love. Substance free, she could think on her own and she gave her heart to Jesus.

After a year of rehab, Grace went home to see her daughter. From then on, she went home every break she could. Her parents were amazed at the changes

in their daughter. They were so amazed that in time, their hearts were softened to the things of God, and first her mother, and later her father gave their hearts to Jesus Christ. Her father was baptized, along with some of the former addicts, on Taiwan’s National Day, October 10, 2003.

After completing Operation Dawn’s 2-1/2 year discipleship course, Grace helped at a drug rehab center in Singapore. She is currently preparing for the ministry at a Chinese theological seminary in California, at her parents’ expense. They want her to continue to be used by the Lord to help drug addicts at Operation Dawn, a Partners International sponsored ministry.

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