75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1950


A Testimony To Her Village


Thank and praise God that in these last days, God has saved many souls for His glory. May honor and glory be to His Name.

Old Mrs. Li, a friend of Miss Yang, was a Buddhist for 20 years, when Miss Yang introduced her to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she said she would believe in Him, so they prayed together. The next day Mrs. Li’s eyesight was restored, as she had been suffering from dimness of sight for a long time. So she came to the Church with Miss Yang and gave a wonderful testimony before the people as to what the Lord had done for her. She also asked us to remove the idols out of her home, for the idols had been there for generations and she dared not remove them herself. She felt that the Pastor of the Church was the right one to do it. So we went along to her home, two sisters and two brothers came along with me.

After crossing the Chia Ling river and walking on the other side, we arrived at our destination. First we took a little rest then Mrs. Li and her children called the people of her village together. In a short time we found ourselves surrounded by many people, so we began to preach the Gospel to them.

After we had finished singing a few hymns, sister Tuan gave a short testimony of how the Lord changed her life and forgave her many sins. After this wonderful testimony, sister Shao gave hers, she told the people how the Lord had healed her mother from a serious disease. He had not only healed her mother physically, but also delivered her from eternal death, giving her Eternal Life in Christ Jesus.

Finally I stood up and spoke to all of them saying: “Friends you have heard the testimonies of these two sisters, Jesus has done wonderful things for them, now Jesus is a Savior both to them and for you, if you believe in Him He will save you also from your sins.”

Thank God two old men accepted Him immediately, they knelt down and I pray­ed with them. Please pray much for this village of Tai Chu, there are many souls there to be saved yet.

On the return journey home we were so happy we sang all the way.

During the Easter meetings 43 brothers and sisters were baptized. We thank God that 41 out of the 43 are natives of Szechuan, this shows how the Lord has commenced His work among the people of the Szechuan Province. May honor and glory be to the Lord. Please continue to pray for us.

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