75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1949

This year, Partners International is celebrating 75 years of ministry. We are celebrating with a special edition newsletter, a new logo announcement, and special events in Spokane later this year and in the Bay Area in April of next year. Another part of this celebration will be taking place weekly for a total 75 weeks. Every Monday, we will be emailing out a story, like the one below, from one of our old Partners International newsletters. We started with a story from 1943, and will post one from each consecutive year up until 2018. We are looking forward to sharing these small pieces of our history with you as we celebrate God’s continued faithfulness to our ministry.

Below is the transcription of one of the stories from a newsletter in 1949, the header of which can be seen at the top of the post.


This Family Saved


We thank and praise God for He performed another miracle recently.

Mr. Hsu Ken Chao, a native of Honan, became insane after he met with something unfavorable last year.TMr. Hsu Ken Chao and his familyhe evil spirit working in him, he ran and cried on the road, clapping his hands. If anyone interfered with him, Hsu would beat him, without any reason.

One day, his family thought of the men in the Gospel church who could pray and save others from demons (God performed miracles frequently here). They forced him into the church in spite of his cries and struggles. Many in the streets followed him curiously watching him. We then prayed for him in the Name of Jesus Christ before many people gathered there. Then God had mercy on this poor man and thus answered our prayers. We prayed twice and the evil spirit left him. He quieted down and became normal. Now he and his whole family ( wife, son, son’s wife and daughter) believe in God.

Mr. Hsu is now doing a little business to earn his living. His son is an earnest Christian.

This was a wonderful miracle of God, not only the whole family was saved, but all in the church were greatly encouraged and our faith became firmer than before in His work. All those who saw this miracle have been praising God with us.

Mr. Hsu and his family were converted, and they have had this photo taken.

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  1. Susana Câmara

    Preciso de oração pelo meu irmão Roberto Câmara, ele é diagnosticado com transtorno bipolar, e tem rejeitado a Palavra de Deus, …eu sou crente evangélica e sofro muito em não saber como ajudar meu irmão!

    • Partners International

      Hi Susana, we will be praying for your brother.


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