75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1948

1948This year, Partners International is celebrating 75 years of ministry. We are celebrating with a special edition newsletter, a new logo announcement, and special events in Spokane later this year and in the Bay Area in April of next year. Another part of this celebration will be taking place weekly for a total 75 weeks. Every Monday, we will be emailing out a story, like the one below, from one of our old Partners International newsletters. We started with a story from 1943, and will post one from each consecutive year up until 2018. We are looking forward to sharing these small pieces of our history with you as we celebrate God’s continued faithfulness to our ministry.

Below is the transcription of one of the stories from a newsletter in 1948, the header of which can be seen at the top of the post.


A Palsied Man


Mr. Tsai Wen is more than fifty years old. During the Sino-Japanese war, he had been lying in bed with paralysis of one side for eight years, when we went to see him. He was in a very bad condition.

When we talked to him about Jesus Christ, who could make the sick well again, he didn’t believe anything at all.

We prayed for him, then left. Praise the Lord, for some days later, we heard he prayed to God himself, that the healing hand of the Lord was really put on him, and each day he felt better, and very soon he could walk a little.

Now we see him climbing up a hill to go to church on Sunday. Isn’t that wonderful, Friends!

Mr. Tsai was baptized recently, and his wife too, and whenever he meets a person, he always tells them that the Lord is gracious.
The Glory be to God who is in Heaven.

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