75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1947

This year, Partners International is celebrating 75 years of ministry. You can read about everything that we are doing to celebrate this event in our special edition newsletter, which was sent out two weeks ago. This includes our new logo announcement, and our events in Spokane later this year and in the Bay Area next year. Another part of this celebration will be taking place weekly for a total 75 weeks. Every Monday, we will be emailing out a story, like the one below, from one of our old Partners International newsletters. We started with a story from 1943, and will post one from each consecutive year up until 2018. We are looking forward to sharing these small pieces of our history with you as we celebrate God’s continued faithfulness to our ministry.

Below is the transcription of one of the stories from a newsletter in 1947, the header of which can be seen at the top of the post.




Mr. Chao Chang Taw, a student of the Commercial College of Chungking, was greatly influenced and resolved to be a Christian. This was the result of the Gospel meeting held last winter at which I stressed the importance of real confession of sins after conversion.

He was confronted with a very serious sin. His forged middle school diploma must be confessed and rectified. His resolution to confess to the President with the intention of being punished was repeatedly overruled by a voice which said, “If this matter is known, it will surely result in dismissal and dishonor.”

He was greatly perplexed, as his graduation was at stake. Support from his parents and friends would be discontinued. It seemed to him that all this could be avoided, for surely confession to God was enough.

He could not sleep at night. For several days the Holy Spirit urged him to confess, but he was not willing. His heart burned with anguish, for immediate decision was necessary and his courage failed before complicated circumstances. However, everything that is to honor the Lord must be done right. Realizing this, with no more hesitation he boldly went to the President and gave an account of his salvation and of his previous sin, frankly asking for his due punishment.

His testimony, honest and sincere, greatly touched the President, who said. “I appreciate your honorable deed, your prospect is promising, attend to your studies as usual.”

All thanks to the Lord. “For ‘them that honor Me, I will honor, they that despise Me shall be lightly esteemed.”

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