75 Years of Lives Forever Changed – 1943

This year, Partners International is celebrating 75 years of ministry. Over the course of the next year, we will be hosting 75th Anniversary events in Spokane and the Bay Area, and in the coming weeks you will also receive our special 75th edition newsletter. Another part of this celebration will be take place weekly for the next 75 weeks. Every Monday, we will be emailing out a story, like the one below, from one of our old Partners International newsletters. The stories will start in 1943 and go all the way up to 2018 – one for each year. We are looking forward to sharing these small pieces of our history with you as we celebrate God’s faithfulness to our ministry over these 75 years.

Below is the telegram communication with our very first ministry partner in China in 1943.

Rev. Duncan McRoberts

China Native Evangelistic Crusade

802 Bigelow Bldg.

Seattle WA, USA

Dear Brother Duncan,

Your kind letter dated on June 19th came to hand a few days ago. It was such a joy to know that the brethren in the States took so much interest in the lost souls and the up-building of the churches in China. There is no doubt that the China Native Evangelistic Crusade is a kind of work in the very will of God because it has been laid on my heart and the hearts of many others that the most urgent need of China is trained native spiritual leadership. The changing China during the war and after challenges the Christian churches to turn out competent native workers both in pioneering and in expounding the Word of God. The spiritual awakening during the last twenty years has brought the Christians into the deep things of God and some of them are ready to go preach the Gospel to the unevangelized areas. What they need is training and support – just the very things the Crusade aims to do. The letter of yours really brought light to my vision.

Yet your offer surprised me and I did not believe my eyes. I felt just as young Spurgeon felt when he got his call to preach in that big London church. But through earnest prayers I came to be persuaded that this is the very work that the Lord wants me to do for our needy China. My wife, a constant spiritual help to me in my work, felt led of God just as I did. The promise God gave me for this step of my life is Judges 6:15-16. Please do ask the brethren in the States to pray that this humble vessel may not come short of the Glory of God. Since I entered the ministry, my motto has been the every piece of work should be initiated by the will of God, run according to the ways of the Lord and done through the power of the Holy Spirit. My daily prayer is that I may be kept from seeking to do great things for God but be always a man after His own heart.

Please make this a prayer for me.

I sent you a radiogram yesterday saying “Offer accepted. Please pray. Address Postal Box 9 Kwetyang.” Hope it reached you today. Before further notice, please send all mail and radiograms and money to the foregoing address.

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  1. Dyann Schumacher

    Lord, I thank you for the work of Partners International and the difference it has made in the lives of so many people around the world. I pray you will continue to bless and anoint this work and that more and more people will come to realize the impact PI has and become supporters of this great ministry. Encourage and strengthen each worker to continue in the call you have placed on their hearts and help them be able to faithfully complete that calling. Thank you Lord!

    • Partners International

      Thank you so much for your prayer and encouragement, Dyann!


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