Indonesia: 5 Radically Saved

A Disappointing Day

It was a disappointing day. Nita and Martha had not been able to share the Gospel with anyone, and they considered returning home as they saw storm clouds approaching, but the Lord had other plans. They decided to visit a village that has embraced Islam for generations. As they were talking with two girls at a food stall, the rain started pouring down.


A Divine Encounter

They ran to find the nearest shelter and ended up on the terrace of the village chief’s house. There they met a woman they had seen earlier before the storm. This woman, Puja, listened intently to the Gospel and said she wanted to believe in Jesus, but they were unable to pray at the terrace because other people were around.

Punjas Family

Puja’s Friend and Family

By then, the rain had stopped, so they went to Puja’s house where Nita and Martha continued explaining the Gospel. They led her to pray, baptized Puja in the river, and then continued teaching her. In the middle of a story from the Book of Acts, one of Puja’s friends, Ratih, arrived at the house and also wanted to hear the Gospel, so Nita and Martha started over from the beginning. A little later, one of Puja’s daughters, Ana, a teenager, entered the house and was also interested in hearing the story. They then started the story over again so that Ana could hear the whole redemption story. Both Ratih and Ana believed in the Gospel and prayed to accept Jesus. Ana was baptized, and then Nita and Martha continued their story from Acts.


Five Saved and Baptized

During the story, this time, one of Puja’s relatives, Ade, an 18-year-old, joined them. Nita and Martha then had to pause their story again and share from the beginning so that Ade could hear about salvation through Jesus. Ade believed in the Gospel and had to go back to his house to get a change of clothes before being baptized. While he was gone Ana’s younger sister, Kemala, came and listened to the Gospel. She too believed and wanted to be baptized as well. Puja, Ratih, Ana, Ade, and Kemala continued to listen to Nita and Marta teach about being one with Jesus, prayed together, and promised to meet together again.


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  1. John Edward wellano

    This story is a great testimony of the great manifestation of God’s work through his servants. When I shared on the two WhatsApp forums of our prayer groups and teams it had overwhelming responses, every one who read it is giving glory to God and i say alleluia alleluia alleluia glory be to God AMEN

    • Partners International

      We’re so glad that you and your prayer groups were encouraged by this amazing testimony. Thanks for sharing this story and be blessed today!

  2. Agnes Moshoeshoe

    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Thank you very much for the testimony. During this difficult time of covid-19 we need this kind of motivational articles. You have make my day to be a blessed one as I am on duty today and bored in my Mafeteng Government Hospital in Lesotho.
    Have a blessed day.

  3. xietech2

    Hallelujah indeed.


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