2nd Timothy 2:2 Training

GHCO-Garu Center TTI Students with their leader Gideon-far right.Feb 2015


Our missionaries at our four Timothy Training Institutes are raising ‘Timothys’ (disciples) using the tools provided in the Disciples Making Disciples Manual. In all, 32 students completed the studies and 64 disciples are being raised as each student is tasked to disciple a Timothy.

We were glad to have Partners International’s president and his team visit us last year and learn about our work firsthand. While they were here, we held two programs. One focused on discipleship and its importance in transforming lives and communities. Another was on organic farming, geared to teach skills related to food security and sustainable ministry.

In November one of the workers serving in one of our Districts replicated COF’s Biblical Storytelling training, helping leaders from 18 denominations learn how to witness to the non- literate people in their communities.

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