Life Changes for House Builder

My coworker and I met Pak Ahmu as we were passing through his village. He was sitting in front of his house. He welcomed us kindly and we visited a bit. We learned he is 60 years old and builds houses for a living. We started talking about spiritual things and he seemed interested. He allowed us to tell him about  forgiveness of sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. That very day, Pak Ahmu put his faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord.

Over the next several weeks, we tried to meet with Pak Ahmu for discipleship, but his friend Pak Sal was always with him. Pak Sal is 56 and lives in the same village. They often work together to build houses. Since we couldn’t seem to meet Pak Ahmu alone, we decided to tell Pak Sal about Jesus. (We prefer to disciple new believers alone and let them tell their friends about Jesus.)

Pak Ahmu watched as we shared the Gospel with Pak Sal. Praise the Lord! Pak Sal claimed to believe as well. We then explained about baptism. Both men said they understood but were not ready to be baptized.

We believe that Pak Ahmu was influenced by Pak Sal’s reluctance to be baptized. This is why we try to avoid discipling new believers together. The opinion of one often affects the other. So from then on, we would disciple them separately.

In July 2017 we went back to see Pak Ahmu at his house. As we started talking, his wife came out. A friend who was with us is of the same ethnic group as the wife and they immediately began talking. Their conversation seemed so relaxed, as if they had known each other for a long time. We used this opportunity to get away. We asked Pak Ahmu if he would join us in the coffee shop. He was willing and asked his wife for permission to leave. She gladly said to go.

We settled in at the coffee shop and ordered coffee. We continued sharing about the Lord and answered any questions. We again told Pak Ahmu about baptism. He said he understood. So after believing for five months, Pak Ahmu was ready to be baptized.

When we reached the nearby river, we waited until some swimmers left. Then we had the privilege of baptizing Pak Ahmu. Right after, other people came to the river to swim, so God gave us perfect timing.

At our discipleship meetings with Pak Ahmu, we teach him Bible truths and parables and show him how to reach out to his family and friends. At one meeting, we asked him if he had shared with Pak Sal. “Yes,” he said. He had told him stories and about baptism, but Pak Sal was still not ready to be baptized. We encouraged him to continue sharing the next story with Pak Sal and to share about Jesus with others. 

  • Pray that the faith of Pak Ahmu and Pak Sal will grow.
  • Pray that the discipleship process with Pak Ahmu will continue to go well.
  • Pray that Pak Ahmu will be bold and share stories he learns from us with Pak Sal and others.

Thank you for your financial and prayer support that enables us to share the Lord with people who have never heard about His love and salvation.

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