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Radha and her husband Mongala are church planters in India’s Orissa State. They have planted house churches in five villages and regularly minister to a growing number of local believers. While their ministry was expanding and reaching many new people for Christ, their family was struggling to make ends meet. They farmed a small piece of land, but since they were dependent on the

The answer to their prayers came through Radha’s self-help group which was started by our partner Church Growth Association of India (CGAI). Radha took a loan from her self-help group, enabling her and Mongala to build a fish pond on their land. Once the rain came, the pond was filled with water. Then they purchased a supply of small fish which began to grow in the pond. After six months, they were able to sell the fish for a profit of $600—a substantial amount for their rural context. Going forward, they have to invest only a small amount each year to replenish the pond. Now, they are able to meet the needs of their children and their ministry.

Your gifts help support the ministry of CGAI and their women’s arm, Mission to Women. Their program involves three key elements: Women’s Trainers’ Training (training women leaders and pastors’ wives), Transformation Groups (Bible study groups), and self-help groups (empowering poor women through vocational training and micro-enterprise).

These groups enhance the economic status of underprivileged and poor women in Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, and the area surrounding Chennai where CGAI is headquartered. Once solidarity is established in the groups, the women become powerful change agents in their societies. In several places, these groups have also been the catalyst for the planting of new churches. Nearly 4,000 women have been impacted through Mission to Women’s programs over the last seven years.